Know thy body, know thy "self" and

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October 5 - October 18

Meet Lynette Allen, Consciousness Coach! 

Lynette Allen is a passionate seeker of all things that expand consciousness, awareness and open mindedness.  To that end, life has brought her through years of a vast array of life experiences that has prepared her to fulfill her calling as a teacher and consciousness coach.    Her passion is the healing of the feminine wound within modern women.  Lynette utilizes ancient wisdom traditions to bring insight and clarity to women who work with her.  Lynette assists in Trauma identification, core wound awareness, life purpose, unconscious and harmful behavior patterns brought on by cultural programming.   Consciousness work provides a gateway into Knowing Thyself, facilitating self awareness to the extent that women can live free.  Living a life of freedom from all that covers a womens’ true essence and deepest power.    

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