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Are you a drama queen?

👉I am not a drama queen, but I used to be surrounded by drama. Life has been tough in regards to "drama".

I'm not saying I'm perfect now or that life is perfect, but I AM saying I'm sure happier NOT being surrounded by drama. 🤗

☹ Drama is what you make of it right?

Like if you cultivate and surround yourself with drama, then drama abounds. It's what you call in to your life. 😞

🤔I noticed that the more I reacted to and got sucked in to drama....the more that came into my life.

💥I didn't realize I was calling it in until I got divorced.

I started on my journey to healing ME!! 🙏

🤐I was first exposed to "The Secret" right after my divorce. (It's a book/movie) HIGHLY recommend you check it out if you are in search of changing your life.

After I was made aware of what I was doing by "calling it in with my thoughts" I changed my thoughts and the drama quit coming into my life. 😎


✔Change your thoughts, change your life!

Now YOU know "The Secret"! 💗


It's gonna be THRIVE IN 5 in forcefit20 today! WOOHOO! You don't know and I don't know what's gonna happen! LOADS of fun that's for sure! See you at noon mdt fb live!

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