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Are you a people pleaser?

🤔 Is this the year we quit pleasing others and start pleasing ourselves?

💫 In astrology, Libra moon's are notorious for being people pleasers. It's one of the shadow aspects Libra moon's are always trying to let go of. We don't have to be a Libra moon to carry this trait however...

🙋🏽‍♀️ Sometimes, we can all be people pleasers to the detriment of ourselves. Just being aware that we're doing it, allows us some wiggle room to start drawing some lines in the sand. When we draw our lines in the sand--we must protect them ourselves. When we cross our own lines, it makes it easier for others to cross our lines. WHY?? Because we teach people how to treat us. WE are the teachers. So, it's best we know our own lines that we're not willing to cross, so we can teach others what those lines are.

🔥 Protecting our own lines, protects our sanity, our resilience, our reserve and our soul.

🥰 Let's make 2024 the year that we quit people pleasing and start drawing our lines in the sand of what we WILL or WON'T accept.

Does this resonate?




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