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Bringing the light to the dark

Bringing the light to the dark is never easy.

But when we shine the light on the dark, we get a glimpse of what true freedom can look like. Living in freedom is what our soul aspires. Every day is a new day to live in the light or in the shadows of our embodiment.

It's not easy to look at our darkness. Sometimes we don't even know it exists, or what it is until we 'see' it for what it is. Once we see it, we can't look away.

HOW can we see it? Start speaking it. Start with sharing our dark thoughts that keep us trapped and keep us stuck. We all need true tellers in our lives to help us navigate.

If we can't speak it, maybe our true tellers in our lives can help us see it by shining the light on it for us.

Everyone knows who their true tellers are. They are the ones that love us unconditionally...


FORCEFIT20 is live at noon today at 12:00 mst. Cardio/fusion splendor! Join us in the Forcefit20 group.




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