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Don't forget to hit the great outdoors!

Tis the season of eating, drinking and being merry. Let's not forget to GET OUTSIDE and move. Hitting the trails or just going for a walk after a big meal can really move some sludge out of the body. Breathe and take in the fresh air. Here's some tips to set the tone for what's to come:

1) Drink 1 glass of water after every alcoholic drink

2) Get a workout in even if it's 20 minutes

3) Walk after a big meal to move some stuck energy

4) Take 1 small helping of each dish

5) Don't forget to take a probiotic

6) Take a magnesium supplement 30 minutes before bed


FORCEFIT 20 is getting all gussied up in Christmas attire. Where your most FESTIVE socks, leggings, shirts you own and let's get ready to get our Power Strength on! 12:00 mst via fb live.

#replay for Christmas Eve! I'll post in the group at 6:00 am for those SERIOUS early morning risers! Merry Merry y'all!! 🎅🎄



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