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Flower Power

One can never know the power of flowers until they've walked amongst them.

It only take one whiff, one glance to see the amazing power of a flower. I was fortunate enough to take in a field FILLED with sunflowers. My sweet Nikki shared that sunflowers face the sun and if there isn't any sun they face each other.

That really resonated with me. On gloomy days when we're feeling down--instead of turning inward to face your demons alone, turn toward each other.

We weren't meant to navigate this life alone. Even the sunflowers have it figured out.

Cheers to Flower Power!


Power Strength = BARBELL frenzy like you've never experienced before. If you can make it, I'll see you at 9:10 am in the Forcefit20 group. Let's ROCK THIS!



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