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Full moon in Gemini

The Gemini full moon on December 7th is an invitation to slow down and release blockages that prevent us from moving forward. This is not a time for taking action, as Neptune warns against hasty decisions rooted in misinformation, confusion, or fantasy. This time is best suited for journaling and inward reflection. The full moon will illuminate inner and outer conflict, pointing us to what needs to be released.

Within the sign of Gemini, we’re focusing on mindsets, communications patterns, self-talk and old narratives. Saturn encourages us to hit the pause button and move from a much more grounded place to yield desirable results.

Mars retrograde forms a tight conjunction to the Gemini full moon. This placement invites us to think twice before acting on ideas, information, or communication. Instead, we’re encouraged to check in with ourselves around our true desires or agendas. Mars is generally quite spontaneous and impulsive, however,