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Full moon in Gemini

The Gemini full moon on December 7th is an invitation to slow down and release blockages that prevent us from moving forward. This is not a time for taking action, as Neptune warns against hasty decisions rooted in misinformation, confusion, or fantasy. This time is best suited for journaling and inward reflection. The full moon will illuminate inner and outer conflict, pointing us to what needs to be released.

Within the sign of Gemini, we’re focusing on mindsets, communications patterns, self-talk and old narratives. Saturn encourages us to hit the pause button and move from a much more grounded place to yield desirable results.

Mars retrograde forms a tight conjunction to the Gemini full moon. This placement invites us to think twice before acting on ideas, information, or communication. Instead, we’re encouraged to check in with ourselves around our true desires or agendas. Mars is generally quite spontaneous and impulsive, however,

Saturn calls us into maturation. We’re being asked to take responsibility for the mindsets, narratives, and communication patterns that drive our decisions, but lead to inner and outer conflict. Slowing down and pausing long enough to hear our own thoughts and the stories we’re creating will allow us to avoid reactivity. This is how we ground and do things differently, releasing old patterns that promote war instead of peace. This is a great time to process pent up frustration or anger, get curious about where this is coming from, and our role in creating it.

Journaling and meditation can help us gain clarity during this time.

Neptune and Jupiter square the full moon, highlighting confusion, misinformation, or delusion. While the information we’re receiving or giving at this time may not be accurate or reliable, it also serves as a mirror into our inner worlds. This is an opportunity to gain awareness around the stories and fantasies we create in our minds that may not be rooted in truth, but escapism. It’s a call to get curious about our motives for creating these perspectives, and what they are distracting us from seeing.

Jupiter in Pisces represents a quest for inner truth and wisdom, using intuition and emotion as compasses to higher understanding of Self. This is a window for asking bigger questions that expand our awareness around our inner landscapes.

Lastly, Mercury (the ruler of Gemini) moves into Capricorn on December 6th and forms a conjunction to Venus on the full moon. This is yet another invitation to ground our mindsets, ideas, and views. Capricorn asks us to reflect upon the goals and outcomes we’re truly desiring, and release distractions that cloud our ability to achieve them. While Mars retrograde highlights conflict within ourselves, Venus encourages us to find peace. Within the sign of Sagittarius, harmony can be found by getting curious, asking bigger questions, and exploring perspectives that we may have previously been too afraid to consider.

Happy Gemini full moon!

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