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Happy Hump day!

Ummmm....hello baby! This is your happy hump day pic. She's one of THREE babies by a very skinny mama. She didn't see how close I was and literally could have touched her. What a gift to be so close to nature and feel like a part of it.

Her brother has a torn ear (must have gotten caught by some barb wire) and her sister is the runt. They grew up in Tim's parents back yard in Bozeman. They got to see all the different stages of these babies growing up.

Next time I get to see them....their spots will be gone....oh boo!

Happy hump day!


Forcefit20 is REPLAY DAY! It's gonna be strength, so prepared yourself mentally right now! HA!!! It will be posted by 5:00 am for you early risers and you'll find it in the announcements. CHEERS!



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