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How do you respond to trauma?

Trauma. Is. Trauma.

It may look different or feel different from one person to another. It's how we FEEL, BELIEVE and RESPOND to situations that indicate trauma has occured.

Trauma can hide in our subconscious minds, our cells, our muscle tissues, our beliefs, and our responses to everyday living. Trauma can even hide in plain sight without us even knowing it exists.

Getting to know ourselves on the deepest level and exploring all the nooks and cranny's that we may not want to look at, unlock the mysteries of trauma and start the healing process.

On Thursday January 25th at 7 pm, we address different ways to heal trauma and heal our bodies once and for all! Space is limited, so reserve your spot today for just $30. (This event is for women 18 and older).

Trauma. Is. Trauma.

What is your go to trauma response?



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