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Learn to Create like a Master with me and 16 others in a FREE Life Codes Exposé of Epic Proportions

Do you feel the subtle pull to do and be  something greater? There are some secrets to creating in full awareness. 

I have some thrilling news to share! I'm honored to be one of the guest speakers for a FREE online series that’s perfect for the ever manifesting spirit that you are. 

Life Codes Exposé: Charting the Stars: Turning Wishes into Reality + Predictions 2024

This series unravels the true essence of what it is to look deep into creation and discover YOUR perfect path to crafting the life you desire. We'll dive deep into the essence of tapping into your intuitive abilities, understanding that the key to navigating your creative life is all about redirecting your focus - and exactly how to start doing that NOW. 

With over 15 experts, including myself, we’ve come together to guide, inspire, and share tools to help you decode the celestial maps written and waiting for you to understand and explore. 

And the best part? It’s absolutely free. When you register, you’ll receive these magical insights directly to your inbox, along with some enchanting freebies that I’m sure you’ll adore. 

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll uncover: 

● The foundational pillars for building a life of intentional creation.

● Strategies for achieving true focus, clarity, and connection.

● Insights into the dynamics of destiny and free will.

● How to tap into your inner wisdom to fuel your dreams and manifest them into



Manifestation is the punctuation at the end of each of your thoughts. This series sheds light on what your heart already knows - you're a complete master at this! You'll get practical and immediately applicable insights for how to fine tune (or completely change) your creative habits.

Are you ready to expand your life to another level? It’s 100% Free airing Dec. 15-18, 2023.

See you on the other side! 

Warm wishes and a sprinkle of magic, 

Anneliese Swingle

P.S. Stay enchanted throughout the series! We’ve got a plethora of free gifts and bonuses lined up during our magical journey. Dive deep, stay curious, and remember – the real magic is you. Share this with another magical person who may need this email!



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