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Leaving a mark

I know it's not summer yet where everything is lush and green, but I'll tell you, there's NOTHING like getting out in the fresh air and BREATHING hard hiking up a mountain.

This pic was taken on the Scratch Gravels. I like to head up there and look at where the wildfires ravaged it a couple of years ago. It's fascinating to me to look at the mountainside and see the fire's path.

In some instances the fire was very selective as to where it decided to go, in others you could see where it randomly burned. It definitely left its mark.

It's fascinating to me because it's much like our attention. It can be very selective and focused as to where it goes and yet it can be completely random and all over the place. Our thoughts and emotions can burn out of control and the littlest things can flare them up or calm them down.

The question is does our attention leave a mark?


Today in FORCEFIT20 we'll be using STRETCHY bands! It's time to get your strength on! Let me know if you need a band! See you FB LIVE at high noon! 💪




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