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Monday Motivation!

Talk about going out on a limb to get what you want. I watched this squirrel work VERY hard to get to the bird feeder. He eventually found the right limb that would support his weight. As he pushed the seeds around his buddy underneath captured the goodies.

How many times do WE go out on a limb to get what we want? It's always risky to do that. What if the limb breaks? What if it bends too far out of reach? But what IF we risked it all and GOT what we wanted? Ahhhh....SUCCESS!

It's scary to go out on a limb and reach for the stars. Especially when it's in regards to our health. WHY? Fear of failure most likely....we've been there, done that, wrote the book and signed it. But have we tried EVERYTHING?

Just like the squirrel, don't give up until you've tried EVERYTHING! And success shall be YOURS!



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