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Motivation Monday!

Just a little splash of Monday happiness to get your week started out right.

I LOVE spring! 🌺 I love digging in the dirt and getting dirty, sweating from the hot sun and hard work. I love the smells that come with planting flowers. This year I have 2 herb pots brewing along with my potted flowers. I can't wait to be able to harvest my own goodies fresh from the back yard.

My little flower chair here sits on the front porch to welcome all visitors and give them a reason to smile as the enter our home. Pansy's are SO happy and cute! I just love their little faces. I feel like they are smiling at me.

🌼What are some of your favorite flowers to plant and why?


Cardio fusion = Hammer drills! Yup--another oldie, but a goodie! You ready to rock it? WOOT WOOT! See you at noon mst fb live in the Forcefit20 group.

Wanna join us?




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