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Corrective Exercises and foam rolling for healing Chronic Pain

Check out season 5, episode 2 - Healing chronic pain from the inside out!

Could your chronic pain be a story your body is aching to tell? Blaire Stanislao & Anneliese Swingle uncover the hidden narratives of physical pain and emotional health, with insights from the deeper emotional undercurrents that may be the real culprits of your discomfort. Get ready to rethink everything you know about pain and its origins.

This episode paints a vivid picture of the body's plea for harmony in all facets of life. Discover innovative healing techniques that go beyond the physical, as we explore the transformative potential of aligning your care routine with your emotional and spiritual needs. 

This episode offers actionable tips for anyone eager to reclaim their comfort and mobility.  Plus, don't miss Anneliese's free resource—a step-by-step foam rolling program designed to put the power back in your hands, and the spring back in your step. 

Access the podcast right here:

Here's the link to Anneliese's FREE Foam rolling program:



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