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Just a snapshot of some fun we have in the FORCEFIT20 workout group! We did a pigtail cardio/strength workout and had fun while doing it!

We may have to shift what our "norm" is right now--but there's no reason NOT to have some fun doing it.

How can YOU have fun shifting your mindset when it comes to working out?

1) Join a workout group

2) Make a game out of your workouts

3) Challenge a friend to a step off, push up challenge, days of consecutive workouts etc

4) Keep a 30 day workout journal

5) Do intervals, and shorter workouts

6) Get in 10,000 steps a day

It's endless as to what you can do to make working out FUN while you're at home!



And if you want to take the challenge to the next level....join me for a RISE UP 2 week challenge that starts next MONDAY April 13th!! It's only $35 and if you refer a friend you could win a PRIZE!! So, invite a friend and get SIGNED UP ASAP!!!




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