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Shawna's journey....part 4

One of the greatest rewards a Reiki practitioner can receive is having a client fall asleep on their table while the Reiki healing energy does its work. It's a joy to observe how differently people respond to the energy--especially ones who are new to energy work. Some people who are very sensitive to energy can actually feel it moving through their bodies, while others feel nothing. The beautiful thing about Reiki, is that it is a gentle, loving energy that works without judgement. It doesn't matter if the person receiving it is a believer, or a non-believer, can feel energy or not. The common theme after every session however, is always the same....the person leaves feeling at peace, more calm and relaxed.

Shawna received her first Reiki energy healing session, and this is what she had to say about it:

When Anneliese asked me to be part of my recovery team I had no idea what she was talking about. This time around I was doing it all by the book and not doing anything to jeopardize my healing. So I ignored her request and put it out of my mind.  I show up for my training session and of course in true Anneliese fashion, she reminded me. I explained that there wasn't any weight bearing that I could do so I figured we were done when I headed out for surgery. She explained there was so much that could be done without ever actually working out.  She started talking about spiritual healing. All I could think was....this lady is talking crazy talk. I have never been one to believe that "spirits" and "energy" were what might be holding me back. I'm sure not going to say I believe it to be real but I was and am willing to keep an open mind. In my mind I am willing to give anything a chance just to be successful this time. I had my first Reiki session last week and not sure I still believe but I did relax enough in the session to "nod" off so I was told. I told Anneliese I felt a sense of calm for sure.  She read me a bit of what my spiritual guide had to say and it did resonate. Am I a believer??? Not yet but I can for sure say my interest is piqued.

I love her raw honesty! I get it, it's hard to believe in something we can't see, or feel, I wasn't much different. But one thing I think we can all agree on (or maybe not all), is that there is something much bigger than us. What if---just for a moment, we truly believed that being open to the possibility that this 'something much bigger' could actually heal us because we were open to it....what if?!

That's all it takes, is simply sitting with that possibility for JUST a moment. If you believe your body can heal itself (sometimes with a little help), then you're right--it can!!

What do YOU believe?



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