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So excited!

😍I'm SO beyond excited to be adding the TRX suspension trainer bands to the Forcefit20 crew's workout toys. We've been training/working out together for the past year online and have built friendships that go BEYOND all comprehension.

We rely on each other to "show up" whether it's via live fb, or replays. Either way, we support each other, laugh, cry, or just plain commiserate with each other. We now have in our arsenal:

1) stretchy bands

2) medicine balls

3) Ez curl bar set

4) dumbbells

5) and now TRX bands!

I love being able to be a part of something bigger than me! Thank you to ALL my Forcefit20 gang! You're truly the BEST part of me!

🥂Here's to moving onward and upward...if you want to be a part of this amazing workout crew--here's how YOU can be a part of something bigger than you:


It's WILD card time! Let's Score some CORE! Love you all---see you soon! Fb live 12:00 mst




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