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So very thankful and grateful for the good times we had in Florida for Thanksgiving. Huge shout out to the host and hostess Savannah Paponetti and Daniel Paponetti for showing us such a great time. (And can't forget mama Tonette Paponetti for the awesome Scallop dinner.)

We did so much it's hard to say what my favorite was. Our Italian night was pretty epic, but here's a pic from the Hard Rock Cafe in Miami. Truly an incredible place--if you get the chance--go check it out.

It's special times like this that I get to reflect on what's TRULY important in life. It's not the drama that life brings, nor is it the everyday routine. It's quality time spent with loved ones. Quality time that takes me away from the drama and the routine. Quality time that allows me to disconnect completely so I can refuel my batteries and be a better person for my clients, my friends and my loved ones!