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The Phoenix...

I felt so fortunate to have captured this image right outside my home. This pic is completely unfiltered and says SO much!

To me, it says: I am FREE! I am the Phoenix from the ashes rising and that's been my journey for these last 2 1/2 years. The more I find out and uncover about me, the more I'm FREE. Free like an uncaged bird.

This self discovery work is not easy, but it's necessary. Why? Because I want to uncover all the little nooks and crannies hidden in the shadows that keep me stuck, safe and secure therefore NOT growing or changing. I've come to realize that it's through AWARENESS and discomfort that I evolve.

Just being aware that we are stuck is HUGE. Most of this stuckness is actually a belief that comes from our childhood and is typically attached to an emotion. Digging into these belief systems and what they are attached to frees us when they are released. THAT'S why I became a Theta Healer. I believe in this work SO much I wanted to help others get UNSTUCK!

My journey was also the catalyst for my 8 week MEDSS course. So worth the 2 1/2 year wait. If you're feeling stuck--I get you. Freedom is a POWERFUL thing. I want you to be FREE too!

Love and hugs!


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