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Transformation Tuesday!

Talk about a positive mindset....I will NEVER get sick of posting great transformations. I hope you find them as motivating as I do! ❤

WOW.... This has been a very fast1️⃣2️⃣weeks! Almost seems like a blur! But so many things have happened and such➕POSITIVE changes have been made❗️

I started 12 weeks ago after having some Family pictures📸taken over the holidays! I didn’t like ANY of them! WHO is that girl and when did that happen❓Sitting on my butt scrolling thru FB there she was.....Anneliese Swingle! And another one of her amazing clients transformation!

Picked up the phone☎️and the next day I started❗️

I wanted to start her program to jump start my MINDSET to get my head back into taking care of MY body ! But even more so..... to UNDERSTAND the IMPORTANCE of How & What to feed my body for Good NUTRITION! I feel that this was my biggest takeaway! When I 1st started... I skipped breakfasts ... handful or 3 or 4 of trail mix for lunch...late night dinners🍔with a glass or 2 of wine🍷... awful sleep😴patterns (3-4hrs/night). Droggy mornings... sluggish at work and no energy before or after work to EXERCISE🏋️‍♀️🤸‍♂️🚴‍♀️


#scalewinlost 17 pounds 14 inches ....mostly around my FACE & WAIST

SLEEPING like a baby (avg 7-8 hrs)


CLOTHES FIT NICE (some to big!)

LEGS & ARMS aren’t giggling

FOOD PREPPING becoming more of a habit

EATING 3 meals/ day of HEALTHY Foods

EXERCISING DAILY....most days at least my 10,000 steps [helps that I’m not working right now)

And.....IM HAPPY!😁🥰🤪

🚫I wish I would have kept up with my JOURNALING , Food diary...Exercises done ... etc...

I was terrible at it....But my GOAL next for me is to continue with it on my journey and keep learning . LIFE IS A JOURNEY NOT A DESTINATION💯❤️

Thank you Anneliese and all of you for your positive comments ! Best Wishes to all of you💕




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