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Transformation Tuesday!

Talk about a positive mindset....I will NEVER get sick of posting great transformations. I hope you find them as motivating as I do! ❤


WOW.... This has been a very fast1️⃣2️⃣weeks! Almost seems like a blur! But so many things have happened and suchPOSITIVE changes have been made❗️

I started 12 weeks ago after having some Family pictures📸taken over the holidays! I didn’t like ANY of them! WHO is that girl and when did that happenSitting on my butt scrolling thru FB there she was.....Anneliese Swingle! And another one of her amazing clients transformation!

Picked up the phone☎️and the next day I started❗️

I wanted to start her program to jump start my MINDSET to get my head back into taking care of MY body ! But even more so..... to UNDERSTAND the IMPORTANCE of How & What to feed my body for Good NUTRITION! I feel that this was my biggest takeaway! When I 1st started... I skipped breakfasts ... handful or 3 or 4 of trail mix for lunch...late night dinners🍔with a glass or 2 of wine🍷... awful sleep😴patterns (3-4hrs/night). Droggy mornings... sluggish at work and no energy before or after work to EXERCISE🏋️‍♀️🤸‍♂️🚴‍♀️


#scalewinlost 17 pounds 14 inches ....mostly around my FACE & WAIST

SLEEPING like a baby (avg 7-8 hrs)


CLOTHES FIT NICE (some to big!)

LEGS & ARMS aren’t giggling