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Transformation Tuesday! 💪

Life happens! Diets are changes are sustainable ONLY because of the understanding that LIFE happens. A true lifestyle change understands that LIFE happens. This is where the mindset piece comes in. Are you going to let life derail you? Or are your going to look at life as a diet? Check out Susie's experience! Can you relate? 🤷‍♀️

#transformation16 week. To say that so much has happened in the past four months is a gross understatement. I started this journey with Anneliese right before Christmas. I have struggled with eating and mindset for most of my adult life. I didn't realize what a lousy mindset looks like until I came here to work with all of you!! I've been dragging a lousy mindset around for years. What are my wins you ask? I have learned that we need to do life together and it's critical for a healthy mindset to not only be encouraged but to also give encouragement back to others. I have learned that every day matters and it's okay if I mess up but get back on the wagon immediately!!! My biggest lesson is that "life happens" and apparently for me.... it's a constant battle of sorts. If I stop taking care of myself for every crisis that arises, then I will be a very sickly person at the end of my journey. I've had to pull back from all of the chaos and crazy that has surrounded my life in the past four months and find a quiet place for meditation, preparation and planning for how to keep myself healthy, all the way around. I am not perfect at this yet but will persevere!! Anneliese's saying, "you can't exercise your way out of a bad diet" will live with me forever!! That statement alone has helped me moderate when I do eat something that is off plan, then I can jump back into the fray! I have lost 12 pounds in these past 16 weeks which is fantastic. I am not finished with this journey by any stretch but have been given incredible tools with which to fight this battle!Anneliese Swingle, you're the best and the women of this group are truly amazing and inspiring!!

Thank you for sharing your journey with us and a HUGE congrats! Want to know how you can get off the DIET roller coaster?



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