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Transformation Tuesday!

And the TRUTH shall set you free! Gloria's results completely speak for themselves. I couldn't be prouder of this amazing woman. Take a look at what she's done. 👏👏👏👏👏

#testimonial So the 6 month program I signed up for is over and I have chosen to not continue on at this time. Not at all for a lack of the program or of incentive but just flat out a lack of time.

For a variety of reasons, this last month has been non productive on the weight loss side and I expect the trend to continue into July. This is a high stress very busy time for me and I need to narrow my focus.

During this last month, I was up and down in weight. I did get to within 3 pounds (55.5 pound weight loss) of my ultimate weight goal for the program but am currently 7 pounds away.

Having said that, I am so glad I signed up to begin with. The accountability piece and having a support group was really what I needed. True appreciation to all of you. I am currently at a weight lost of 51 pounds and inches lost overall of 36.75. I am mobile again so I can go out and do a 2 mile walk over lunch and not feel it. I am more flexible and definitely stronger and my back never cramps. I went to the doctor today for a follow up on my recent blood work and he told me that my sugar level change was 'nothing short of miraculous'. So overall, I got everything I signed up for and learned a lot. I know myself well enough to know that it won't be long until I need to sign up for another 3 months or so regardless of my best intentions, but for now, maintenance and getting by are my key words. I am just too busy to put the proper time into the program so meal planning and walking is what I will devote to. Sorry, due to working from home, my model pose area is not available and so we didn't line the comparison pictures quite right but below are current versus beginning pictures. Best of luck to you all and may you enjoy true health mindsets and focus!




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