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Transformation Tuesday!

You KNOW Tuesday's are my favorite days. I get to brag on my clients and their amazing achievements! Today is no different. I couldn't be prouder of Joyce and her decision to take her health to the next level! Congrats girl!!

#transformation Hello All! Here it finally and all. I’ve been working with Anneliese Swingle for 9 months! Wow! That flew by. During that time I’ve lost 35 pounds and multiple clothing sizes! NOTHING I wore last summer fits. Such an exciting feeling! I think the most important thing that I have learned over the past 9 months is that if I don’t have the right mindset it won’t matter how much I exercise or what I don’t eat! So, I have made the UNCOMMON choice to sign up for 3 more months with Anneliese! To spend the time I need to create the best me I can be!



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