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Transformation Tuesday!

And ANOTHER amazing success story. The 4 week transformation pic is on the left and the beginning pic is on the right. It's SO just don't lie. I love Suzanne's story. What a blessing working with her and watching her transform her life!! Check it out!

#testimonial: this is my 4 week progress testimonial. First of all, I did this trying many different things previously to lose weight. I’d stick to it- for the most. I always drink water; I’m not a coffee or soda person, but I will occasionally have a tea (sweet cuz I live in the South). BUT, I’m a sugar addict, especially CHOCOLATE. My journey in the enlightened group began on 9/7. Now, 4 weeks later (I’m a week late posting so I’m at 5) I’m happy to report that very positive changes have happened. The physical “scale wins” I’ve had are a a loss of 10.8 lbs and a total loss of 14 inches!! And I’m only 1/3 of the way thru my program Of course, the non-scale wins can be and are just as significant. For me, these include the following: 1. I can touch my thumb to my middle finger around each wrist because the tissue inflammation has decreased around my wrist AND the pain and inflammation in my hands and wrists has decreased allowing me more flexibility. 2. My breast tissue feels less dense and my breasts do not feel so heavy. (This is very big for me as I want my breast size to decrease) 3. My regular walking has increased. While I have not always made it to 10K steps/ day, I have had an increased awareness of movement and walking and I’m more conscience to do so. 4. When I look in the mirror and I see myself, I’m less disgusted. My goal is to feel sexy and more body confident. I’m definitely not there, but I’m moving in the right direction. 5. With the homework activities and challenges, I am staying more productive and active, and I’m sitting and watching TV less. My word for the year is ORGANIZED, , so many of my activities are to accomplish this. 6. Mind shift... WOW!!! Definitely the key to this program. And the accountability with sharing and encouraging from all of you beauty queens in this tribe has made an impact that is immeasurable!!!!

Below are my 4 week pictures on the left, and my beginning pictures on the right.

Thanks so much for sharing your HUGE success! Congrats! 🤗




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