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Transformation Tuesday!

Here's an exciting twist to what transforming your MIND can do. Please take a read of this FABULOUS transformation. It's "mind-blowing"! In her words:

Before I worked with Anneliese, I thought a health coach was about working out and eating right. Now I understand it’s much more than that. One of the most important things we focused on was mindset. Mindset is so hard to change. If I’m being honest, I have to work on it every day. When there were times when I asked why it mattered if I was healthy, she would tell me why. I began to understand that being healthy isn’t necessarily a weight or dress size but the ability to participate in my life more fully. Anneliese helped me understand that putting my health and activity as a priority isn’t putting other things last. This has been the hardest thing for me to get through my head. But no matter how often I fought back, Anneliese showed patience and understanding. I didn’t finish the year perfect or ready to walk a runway, but when I make a bad choice, it’s no longer the end of the world. Anneliese helped me look at my choices and why I’ve made them to better understand why I choose the things I do. Then I can make a better choice next time. Anneliese taught me that being patient with myself allowed me to be imperfect and therefore to learn and then improve. For some, this may be something that comes automatically, but for me this was a life changing lesson.

TRX Tuesday is happening at Fuel Fitness TODAY at 12:10 - 12:50! You coming??



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