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Transformation Tuesday!

It just never gets old...hearing how you change a life! THANK you for trusting ME with your journey. It's been a true pleasure working with you Lisa! Love you to death!

🥰It’s been a while since I posted but I have been reflecting on a lot these last few days with everything going on.

Over 15months ago I committed to myself to make a change and asked Anneliese Swingle to help me “lose some weight”. Did I lose weight -YES ✔ Did I change my eating habits - YES Is exercise and weight training a daily part of my life - YES ✔ Am I the same person I was physically or mentally a year ago NO 🙅‍♀️

But I’m not here to talk about all the physical changes that took place. I’m here to THANK Anneliese for the mental changes that occurred.

These last 8 months have been hard on our lives as we know it. CoVid has impacted our way of life in ways we could not have planned. And if I had not learned to think differently during my transformation it would have hit me harder than I know. (Mentally and physically)

Anneliese thank you for teaching me how to be mentally strong, how to love myself, and in the midst of a storm not to self sabotage. To find joy and gratefulness when it seems like our world is caving in on us.

I often get complimented on my physical appearance but the greatest compliment is when people tell me they notice a difference in me that they can’t explain; more optimistic and joyful. To me this is my greatest accomplishment because with a strong mindset I can overcome anything and it will be sustainable!

Thank you Anneliese again for giving me the tools to live life to its fullest.

And you are MORE than welcome my friend!! LOVE YOU!!!




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