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Transformation Tuesday!

I'm sorry, but can we take a moment to recognize the hard work this amazing woman has put into her year of transformation? Truly---give her a round of applause! So proud of you Gayle!!

#ONEYEARJOURNEY WOW! I cannot believe that the end of October it was ONE year since I started my journey! I have had all of the emotions, the initial call to Anneliese to talk with her about my struggles and where I want to be, setting goals for my 12 weeks in the program, to figuring out I wasn’t done with ME and needed to go on! I have learned SO much about me physically, mentally, and emotionally and how ALL of these are connected in some strong ways! My word for the year (that I chose in January) was CONFIDENCE and even though it has improved A LOT it is still a work in progress! COVID hit and I was SO nervous I would slip back into old habits but I had a lot of support from the tribe that I didn’t do that!

I have had some scale wins: Lost a total of 45 pounds in 9 months and have maintained for 3 months My arms have gained muscle

I have had SEVERAL non-scale wins: • cannot wear my rings anymore • cannot even shop in my closet (clothes are too big) • I enjoy running/jogging now and have set new goals to include 5Ks for 2021 • I incorporate some type of veggie with just about every meal • I am more aware of my water intake • I am more CONFIDENT • I realize I need more sleep each night • I make sure I move EVERYDAY • I started talking to a guy • I smile more I am learning to love myself again which is HUGE!

WOOHOOOOO! This is SUCH a huge win! Couldn't be happier for you!



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