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Transformation Tuesday

🤗THIS GIRL!! What a great testimonial as to NOT letting the scale inform you of TRUTH. If we only went by ONE piece of information to inform us of truth we would always be discouraged right? MULTIPLE resources inform us of REAL truth! That's why I teach measurements, pictures and lastly the scale inform us of what is real and what is NOT! DO YOUR RESEARCH people! Don't rely on ONE resource!!! CONGRATS my friend!

#share These last 30 days with my #fitgroup has been great for me to reset from the holiday season. I have loved sharing new food ideas, celebrating WINs and receiving encouraging words. Thank you!

My big #win for me is not necessarily weight lost but actual body comp. (something I am really working on). I love how my body is changing in size everyday although the scale says something else. (That darn scale can really get in my head and get me discouraged).

However I have stayed focused on my WHY and continued with self positive affirmations.

I bought these leggings over the holidays. I absolutely love them and they instantly became my favorites. But in 30 days they have become way too big. especially around the waist. I am constantly pulling them up when I’m working out.

So although the scale says I barely made a change I know that my body is making huge stride. And I will celebrate that!

So my journey continues. I encourage you to love your journey, love yourself and celebrate all your WINs regardless how big or small they are. I know I'm loving my new lifestyle change.

👉If you want to be a member of the Fit Force tribe and are looking for support, comradery and health/fitness information, request to join the fb group FIT FORCE!



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