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Transformation Tuesday

Today marks 2 weeks of working with Anneliese, and I can where my wedding ring again!!

Where to start....haha

I participated in her program a couple of years ago and did very well. I achieved my goals and then life happened. I broke my humerus bone and then I got lazy. I ate this and that telling myself it would make me feel better THEN covid hit and....let's just say, I enjoyed lots and lots of treats.😁 I gained weight back and felt crummy about myself and kept digging myself deeper into this hole (depression). Then the worst started happening...I started getting my heart palpitations back which I have had before. It was one of the reasons I started with Anneliese. When I lost weight by feeding my body nutrition, the palpitations went away. I didn't have any until this past December and let me tell you--I thought I was dying. It got SO debilitating that I couldn't do anything. I went to several Dr.s and they had no answers for me. I knew I had to take charge of my body and dig deep to find out what was wrong with me. I reached back out to Anneliese and she had so much encouragement for me. We sat down and talked. Little did I know how so many foods could be inflammatory to me. Inflammation can totally contribute to heart palpitations etc. By working with her and getting my hormones back on track, my heart palpitations have subsided again. It's the BEST feeling ever and to think it's ONLY been 2 weeks. I'm slowly getting my SELF back. My advice: take care of your body, listen to your body. You are your best advocate!

This amazing warrior has truly earned her wings. She dove in head first and discovered what works and what doesn't for HER. With a little guidance, support, compassion and accountability BIG things are possible. I'm BEYOND proud of this woman. She is the definition of perseverance! I can't wait to see what 12 weeks looks like!




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