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Transformation Tuesday...

Honestly---THIS is why I do what I do!! I'm beyond grateful that I can share my gifts of healing!! Congrats to health and healing Miss Sara Straw!

I recently experienced having a pinched nerve in my lower spine. The pain was absolutely terrible, I was missing work and was completely immobile. I couldn't even get up outta bed without incredible pain and pressure in my spine, it was extremely scary and very painful!

Anneliese, being the highly intuitive individual that she is, happened to message me to check in on some things and that's when I notified her of my condition...

Anneliese came over to my home the next morning, (I could not drive to her)!

Step by step she helped me through applying certain oils and doing certain movements and within an hour or 2 I was MOVING AND WALKING with much less pain and I felt SOOOOO MUCH BETTER!!

She also helped me realize this injury was stemming from an injury I experienced 7 years ago, to the day, that had unhealed emotions attached and they were coming to the surface to be healed through this injury.. there were alot of layers to why I was experiencing this now...

I was able to actually drive myself to the chiropractor later that day!!!

She literally worked MAGIC on me, the difference between my body before and after her assistance was like night and day!!

I definitely feel I'm on the road to recovery after our session, and she is the one i can thank for that... if she hadn't come over to help me yesterday I don't wanna imagine where I would all be physically and mentally ...

Anneliese also made me aware of some things about my body and alignment that nobody, including myself, had ever noticed, but very important to be aware of for my physical well being moving forward.

This beautiful woman is such a blessing and a gift to any of us who get to know her and work with her!!

Anneliese has the most beautiful heart that shines so brightly with love and positivity, her energy is so strong its contagious!!

Anneliese is selfless and so caring and honestly words can't describe the gratitude and love I hold for this beautiful, powerful being!


If you're considering going to Anneliese for whatever type of healing you might need, I'm here to tell you GO FOR IT!! You will thank yourself I promise!!!


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