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💥Trigger alert!💥

🥳 I recently celebrated 40 years graduated from high school with some of the MOST amazing people on the planet. What a BLAST! We laughed, we cried, we shared stories, we experienced epiphanies, we ate, we drank and we loved all the good and the bad and the uglies of high school!

👉🏼 One story that really stood out to me, (mainly because of what I do for a living), that I feel I must a story of body shaming. 😔 Please note: this is from MY lens and shared WITH permission from the person who shared this story with me!

Back in the '80's cheerleading and drill team were "a thing" a HUGE thing. (Yes, I was a cheerleader - can you find me?) Now, the cheerleaders did NOT have a weight contract they had to adhere to, but the drill team DID. They had to "weigh in" before every performance to make sure they "made weight" in order to perform. Mind you...they had to "weigh in" in front of the teachers and the entire team in their bra and underwear as the teacher shared in front of everyone in the room if they didn't make weight. 🤯Guess what? If they didn't make weight, they worked out ALL DAY to "sweat it off" then re-weigh to see if they got to perform.

🥹 The sad thing is...turns out 2 pounds is hard to lose in 1 day. But what's even MORE sad, is thinking that the WHOLE school knew they didn't make weight because they weren't performing that night.

🤷🏽‍♀️ Here's the deal, not everyone knew this. From the drill teamers lens they thought EVERYONE in the school knew, and was judging them. Talk about feeling body shamed...and... it wasn't even true!! Ironic how perception is everything.

Friends...this is one of those events that can cause trauma to be trapped in the BODY. This kind of trauma can stay with you your entire life if not addressed. I know, becasue I had my own body shaming issues. THAT'S what led me to ThetaHealing® , Reiki, Emotion Code and so many other healing modalities-- so I could address my OWN shame in order to help others. Fortunately, my friend has addressed her trauma... but I'm here to tell you, for so many others, they might not even know this trauma resides within every cell of their being.

⛅ The silver lining in this story is--the parents banned together and sued the school. The weight contracts no longer exist. The bad news is--who knows how many women to this day are still struggling with body image issues because of the dreaded drill team "weigh in".

🤔 How can we stop body shaming? I believe --WE, as a collective need to come together and say THIS IS NOT OK! It starts with us, standing in our sovereignty and saying NO--this is not ok and it stops right here! Too difficult and confrontational? Take baby steps---stop shaming yourself!! Stop the negative self talk and thoughts! Please are perfect--just as you are!!

💥 If this resonates with you--I would love to hear your story or any thoughts you may have regarding body shaming. 💗

Love and peace....



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