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Wednesday Wisdom...

Don't miss out on the great opportunity life has to offer!

Every day we are presented with brand new challenges and brand new choices about our health, our happiness, and our freedom to choose.

When we live life by worrying about what others think rather than listening to our own intuition, we become trapped in our own prison that we've created.

We tell ourselves stories that just aren't true until we believe it's 100% truth. This isn't living in freedom! We are trapped by the programs and tapes we've been told since we were young to the degree and we literally cannot break free of the narrative and it is like shackles around our ankles. They become so heavy that it seems like there is no way out.

But there is!! Whether it has to do with our health, or our happiness or our freedom to choose, we have to stop caring about what others think and start caring MORE about what WE think is best for us.

We must break free from the shackles that bind us and stand proud in our power!!

Are you free? If so, share how you did it!


Forcefit20: May the body weight be with you! Strength day!! You gonna make it live with me? 12:00 mdt fb live.



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