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If you’re not happy with your body, chances are you need Anneliese Swingle in your life. 


Now a powerhouse and thought leader in the world of weight loss and well being, Anneliese didn’t always have the confidence and passion she has today. 


“I grew up super active, but as soon as I got to college and discovered the joys - and consequences - of partying, I gained weight with such a fury that it crashed my thyroid. From then on, especially after my first child, controlling my weight seemed impossible. It crushed my self-confidence; I was too embarrassed to be seen at the grocery store -  why in the world would I let myself be seen at the gym?”


It wasn’t until her best friend forced her - much to Anneliese’s terror - to attend her aerobics class that everything started to change. 


“I was addicted. The more I moved, the more my body changed - I felt the old me coming back.”


It wasn’t long before Anneliese became an aerobic instructor herself and started to transform her body.


“I wanted to help others transform their bodies the way I had transformed mine. My personal transformation brought so much rejuvenation to my life, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I knew I could empower others the same way.”


Anneliese’s journey was only beginning. Soon, she learned to integrate weight training into her programs, re-inventing her own approach to fitness in the process. 


“I was so embarrassed to be in the weight room, but once I let that go, I was hooked. My body began to look chiseled, but it was my confidence that really started to soar.  I wasn’t satisfied, I wanted more. So I studied nutrition and its effect on hormonal imbalance and weight gain.”  


“When it’s real for you, you understand - whether it’s because of hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto's, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, or any number of other hormonal imbalances and diseases - that controlling your weight doesn’t just seem hard, it seems completely unattainable. These are the people I want to work with, the ones who believe it’s unattainable.”


Now, it’s Anneliese’s mission to help others achieve the profound change in self-worth that she’s found through her evolution as a personal trainer - no matter their background.  A Corrective Exercise Specialist and a certified Health Coach, Holy Fire Reiki Master, along with a Theta Healer, Anneliese can provide focused assistance for those with injuries, and dive deep with her clients into which foods their bodies may be reacting to by utilizing her detailed nutritional program and some belief system work. 


Anneliese built her philosophies on all the M.E.D.S.S. you need!  (Movement, eating, drinking, sleep and self care).  Designed around an online platform or in person to maximize your access to her comprehensive health and wellness system. Anneliese tailors her programs according your specific health and wellness goals.


But you can’t sign up unless you actually want to make a change in your life. Before accepting anyone as a client, Anneliese conducts a one-on-one interview with each applicant. 


“Accountability is a foundation of my program for a reason - I can make the road to weight loss, true health and wellness as straightforward and clear as humanly possible, but at the end of the day, you’ve got to be willing to go the distance.”


Her approach gets results - just ask some of her clients.


“Recently I had surgery that ended up “not working” which in turn led to a 2nd surgery. I hate needles, I hate hospitals, I hate not having control of my body while being under anesthesia. But I did it, twice, and Anneliese was there for all of it. Her philosophies helped me heal faster and kept my mind on track so that I wouldn’t crawl into bed, pull the covers over my head and simply be defeated.”


“While training with Anneliese I signed up for her 7 day challenge. That made a huge difference in how I feel. I have lost inches off my “momma tummy”, butt, and thighs. I have also lost 7 pounds and 4 1/2 total body inches. I am feeling better than I have in years. Thank you Anneliese!”


“I want my work to be accessible to anyone on the planet who’s struggling to look and feel the way they’ve always known they could.  No matter who or where they are, they should have access to a support system that will keep them on track and focused on getting strong and healthy. I’ve built my programming to keep people accountable while making it as simple as possible to make the changes they need to get the results they want.”


“Look, the real goal at the end of my program is a change in mindset. I want you to love being in your body, and I want you to feel the energy and joy that comes from gaining control of your weight and your life. To get there, we work together not just on how you’re eating and exercising, but on how your thinking.”


By weaving together the elements that keep people truly healthy - the physical, mental, and emotional - Anneliese’s programs will re-introduce everyone to their own bodies. 


“I never want anyone to hate who they are because of what they look like or feel like!  Me transforming my life has enabled me to help transform others. There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing someone transform their life; the joy of my life is giving them the tools to do it.”


You deserve to love yourself, to feel good in your own skin. I will show you how to get there, and more importantly, how to stay there. 


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