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After workout....

When you're SO glad the workout is over....

You nap before stretching. Love these girls! 😍

One of my philosophies about working out is: WORKOUT SMARTER not longer.

👉Let me explain....

FIRST: GOALS! What are your goals? If you want to win a fitness competition then this philosophy would not work for you. But typically, the people I work with are in it for health reasons, maintenance, corrective work or weight loss. So the philosophy works GREAT!

There's truly no need to spend hours working out. And quite frankly who has that kind of time to do it anyway? Working out for 20 - 40 minutes is plenty of time to get the old heart rate elevated. That's all that needs to happen to receive the cardiovascular benefit.

Now, mind you--your rate of perceived exertion on a scale of 1 - 10 should be at least a 5. You need to be breathing hard, and breaking a sweat. Make those 20 - 40 minutes count right?!

What's your workout philosophy?


Cardio fusion Monday! It's time for some SINGLE/DOUBLES! You coming? See you in the Forcefit20 group 12:00 mst fb live



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