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And the winners are:

Congratulations to these HOLIDAY CHALLENGE WINNERS!!!

Can I just say WOW! Thank you ALL who participated in the challenge which started November 29th and ended January 1, 2020!!

The challenge consisted of:

1) eating 3 servings of veggies a day = 1 point

2) eating 1 serving of fruit a day = 1 point

3) exercising 45 minute a day = 1 point

4) avoiding all processed sugar in every form = 1 point

It was CLOSE!! Not even kidding...take a look!

1st place winner goes to: Johnanna Sullivan with 121 points

Johnanna won a 10 day detox (valued at $208)

2nd place winner goes to Christi Washington with 120 points

Christi won a Beauty Counter chemical free skin care regimen (valued at $110)

3rd place winner goes to Jodee O'Donnell with 115 points

Jodee won a Reike session (valued at $40)

A HUUUUUUGE congrats ladies!!!




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