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Are you ready for some MEDSS?

Welp--July 5th MEDSS drop is upon us! I'm so excited to journey with you for 8 weeks.

What do you get in the 8 week MEDSS course?

  • Move (20 minute workouts WITH modifications, and NO equipment!)

  • Eat (a nutrition guide including a sample menu, tips and tricks AND a shopping list)

  • Drink (hydration facts to help balance hormones)

  • Sleep (sleeping hacks and ideas to help you dial in those Zzz's)

  • Self-care (radical self care options that elevate your soul to the next level)

All this and more packed into just 8 weeks. Join my tribe in the Force Fitness app when you sign up to receive the course. Watch for the link July 5th!

"Train your mind, listen to your body, ignite your soul"




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