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Beauty Queen Clean!

If you know anything about me, you KNOW I'm always trying to give YOU the best, most accurate and up to date information about health right? Well, let me tell you---if you TRULY want to take another baby step with me, then change out your toxic make up for CLEAN, chemical free make up. It's another baby step I'm taking towards making my health a priority. I started simply with just one product. I tried the Resurfacing Peel. It reduces redness and brown spots and wow! I could really tell a difference. Just start with ONE thing and build from there.

Honestly, we had so much fun checking out what chemical free makeup looks like, feels like and the importance of keeping our hormones HAPPY and balanced by NOT putting harmful chemicals on our bodies. If you want to dip your toe in the water---I say DO IT! You will NEVER regret trying!

It's not too late to order some for yourself right here! Pop up closes THIS Thursday February 27th!!

Order here:

Shout out to Reagan and Onawa for being such great teachers and educators!!





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