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Bye Bye....

Well, I'm happy/sad to announce that these nails must go bye bye.

If you haven't noticed I talk a LOT about toxicity and inflammation. I mean....a LOT! And one of the most toxic things you can do is artificial nails. As much as I hate to admit it, they just have to go.

I try to hard to live in congruence with what I teach and for me to have these just doesn't do that.

Would you believe I've had artificial nails since my son was born? That is 28 years my friends! That's a LONG time to wreck your precious nails.

UGH... this was a tough decision, not going to lie.

I've slowly been making strides toward living a clean life. I teach my clients this very thing...

Baby steps! This is what it looks like:

1) Eat organic (when I first made this change it was hard, now I don't even think about it)

2) Transition to glass (for food storage)

3) Drink filtered water

4) Use chemical free personal care products (make up, shampoo, lotions, conditioner etc)

5) Use chemical free household cleaning products

6) Use aluminum free pots and pans (get rid of non-stick Teflon pans)

These are just a few things I'm trying to do to eliminate the chemicals I put in or on my body.

What are some of the things you do??


TRX Tuesday is gonna be EPIC (again) haha! You coming? Fuel Fitness 12:10 -12:50



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