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Come one, come ALL!

😁 This Saturday is the Health and Wellness Fair at Helena ATA (3320 Dredge Dr. Ste. B.) and we couldn't be more excited!

🪶 We'll be selling ceremonial kits, crystal bracelets (with essential oils), Self Care Oracle cards, as well as sharing information of all the offerings of Force Fitness for your Mind, Body and Spirit needs!

True health and wellness isn't JUST about working out and eating right. 💪🏼 Exercise and eating right IS takes care of the body--but the mind and the spirit are just as important. At Force Fitness, we train it ALL!

🤯 It's not the body we have to train, it's the mind. When we train the mind, we can hear what the body has to say and that's what lights the fire to our soul. We can't do one without the other. Ceremony is just another part of what we can do to honor our spirit and ignite our soul!

🕯️ Come and check out our booth so we can show you HOW!

"Train your mind, listen to your body, and ignite your soul"




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