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Crystal clarity!

I LOVE crystals. 💗

I love everything about them. I've collected them since I was a young girl.

Why? 🤔

Gosh, so many reasons. When I was younger, it was because they were sparkly and I like sparkles. Now--it's because I understand my attraction to them.

⚡It's all about ENERGY!

Crystals ARE energy. They are powerful and bring so much healing power to us. The big amethyst is a purifier. It purifies the air and cleanses the room. It helps to hear divine guidance and protects from negative energy. The big white quartz crystal is the most powerful of all.

💎Clear quartz is considered the master healer. It amplifies energy by absorbing, storing, releasing and regulating it. It aids in concentration and memory. They also help to stimulate the immune system and balance out the entire body!!

Get yourself some crystals and let the healing begin!


Cardio/fusion Monday in Forcefit20! You coming? Don't forget.... it's FIT TEST DAY!! Let's get out kicks on! 12:00 mst fb live.




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