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Detaching from detoxing

🤔What happens after detox?

Gotta DETACH but stay focused.

👉After a detox it's pretty easy to slip back into old habits that got us to the place that we needed to detox to begin with.

So, here are some tips to detaching after detoxing:

1) Eat veggies with every meal

2) Limit fruit to 1 serving a day

3) PLAN your meals and snacks

4) Listen to your hunger signals

5) Drink 1/2 your body weight in oz.

6) Stay away from processed anything (mainly sugar)

7) Introduce whole food back into your diet 1 meal at a time

8) Don't forget the protein (minimum 5 oz. per meal)


P.S. If you have a hard time getting your protein in, SUPPLEMENT your intake with a protein shake. It's IMPERATIVE that you get ample protein in your diet! Biotics is my go to for protein powder. They have regular or collagen in vanilla or chocolate. Hit me up if you need some!



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