Did you know?

You can strengthen your immunity NATURALLY!! The main way to do this is to choose nutrients that reduce your inflammation. These foods MIGHT surprise you. Take a look:

1) Pumpkin seeds - rich source of zinc

2) Sunflower seeds - high in vitamin C and selenium

3) Dried apricots - potent source of vitamins A and E

4) Leafy greens (kale, spinach) - high in Vitamins A,K and as well as zinc and potassium

5) Cayenne pepper - high in vitamin C

6) Ginger - antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties

7) Bananas - loaded with potassium

8) Grapefruit and sweet potatoes - rich in potassium

9) Avocados - 700 milligrams of potassium

So WHY wouldn't you do whatever it takes to give your immunity a BOOST the easy way?

Cheers to health!


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