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Digging for gold?

Not really gold...but CRYSTALS! Yep--Crystal Park has always been on my bucket list and I got to check that little nugget off my list this Labor Day. WOW! What an experience. I mean, how can there be SO many crystals in one place with tons of people digging them up daily? It's truly magical.

👉What's so cool about crystals you ask? Well, this prized gem I was fortunate enough to find is called a clear quartz. I'll be wire wrapping this beauty to wear for balance. It is called the master healer, the most powerful of all crystals. It is a power stone used for harmony and balance (perfect for Librans ⚖ ). It augments energy by absorbing , amplifying, and balancing, storing, retrieving, focusing, transmitting and channelling universal energy and is excellent for unblocking it.

🤧 I was under the weather a few days ago, so I put this power stone in a locket, wore it around my neck and asked it to help heal me. VOILA! Magic. Pure magic. If you don't have a clear quartz crystal in your arsenal--I highly recommend finding one!

Cheers to health and healing! 🙏


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