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Do you need a mental reset?

😎I cannot lie...I ran away to the amazing beaches of Florida for 7 days and came back a rejuvenated person!

🤷‍♀️It's so easy for me to forget the importance of disconnecting and unplugging from the routine of LIFE, until I do... WOW talk about ready to take on the WORLD!

These are my take aways I thought were worth sharing:

1) Get out of your paradigm as often as possible.

2) Walk barefoot on hot sand to make you feel alive.

3) Have a mimosa every morning and toast yourself.

4) Laugh hard, REALLY hard daily.

5) Quit judging everything, everyone and mainly YOURSELF!

6) Never miss a beautiful sunrise or sunset opportunity.

Honestly, I could list MANY more take aways--but the biggest is that life is meant to be lived! It's not meant to be taken so seriously.


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