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Eat your veggies?!


You hear this all the time, but WHY is it so necessary?

Let's take a look:

1) loaded with vitamins and minerals

2) reduces blood acidity

3) good source of dietary fiber

4) lowers blood pressure

5) lowers risk of heart disease

But what if you HATE eating veggies? Like seriously can't stomach them?

它 Hide them in smoothies (like spinach - can't even taste it)

它 Use a powdered form and mix with water

它 Take a veggie supplement

它 Make a veggie juice with sweet veggies

There are literally TONS of ways to get your veggies in. Let me know if any of this resonated with you and why!


CARDIO/FUSION Monday! Let's rock this workout S3 (Strength, Stamina and SWEAT!)

Fb live in the Forcefit20 group 12:00 mst See you soon!


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