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"Fall" into yourself

I love this picture so much. So peaceful, so serene. It reminds me that I have to fall into myself over and over again. ✨

Falling into myself was the best decision I have ever made.

🤔It took me awhile to figure out that I actually was detached and lost. I had lost myself and I didn't know who I was anymore....

Everyone and everything else had become more important than ME. Raising kids, being a wife, an employee, friend, sister, you name it, had become priority over me. To the extent that I didn't even realize I was gone. 😬

Working out had become my outlet. It became my "me" time. But it didn't fix how lost I had become. It was just a band aid. The more I pushed myself physically, the more I suppressed my mental anguish. I knew something had to change....

⚡I had to LOSE me to find me.

I did that in solitude.

I had to "go away." Away from everything and everyone. I had to be alone with my thoughts and my emotions. That was hard when I had filled my time with everything else. When it was just me, I had to acknowledge some hard facts...the fact that pushing my body to extremes didn't fix WHO I was or help me find me.

🤗Going away changed it all. I discovered what I liked, disliked. What I believed, or didn't believe. I was my own decision maker, not anyone else. I rediscovered ME! I liked me again. I was kinder to me, not so harsh, more loving, more tender...the real me.

So, if you have to lose yourself to find yourself, I highly recommend it. 💗

Fall into yourself.




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