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First time for everything!

My first time EVER teaching Qigong was last Thursday night RIGHT in my studio! I was able to offer the class live AND via fb live during my "Know thy body, know thy self 2 week intensive. We brought in candles, atmosphere, low lighting and the sisters willing to participate. I'm so grateful for these women supporting me and trusting me to help them move energy.

⚡I've always been interested in energy and the movement of energy, but Qigong takes it to a whole other level. It's such a great way to move your body, breath and get the energy flowing through the chakras.

"Qigong can be described as a mind-body-spirit practice that improves one's mental and physical health by integrating posture, movement, breathing technique, self-massage, sound, and focused intent. There are likely thousands of qigong styles, schools, traditions, forms, and lineages, each with practical applications and different theories about Qi (“subtle breath” or “vital energy”) and Gong ('skill cultivated through steady practice')." -National Qigong association.

Highly recommend it if you are feeling stuck, stagnant, dull, or trying to work through something intense in your life. Energy movement using breath is so huge in mental, physical and spiritual health. It's easy to do and can literally be done anywhere, but the best part of Qigong is that it doesn't require any equipment except your BODY!

Have you tried it? Share your experience!


Forcefit20 = Cardio/fusion today! Fb live 12:00 mst! You coming?



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