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Force Fitness Self-care Oracle Cards

Ok, so let's dive into "Oracle" cards.

Q. What the heck are they anyway?

A. In general--they are a divination tool used to access your higher self. You can ask questions of them to receive clarity.

🌸 I have multiple Oracle Card decks and it's what led me to make my own. (With a little help from my friend Chrissy!) I've used Oracles for years and have really come to trust their intuition and ability to help me problem solve.

When the idea of WHAT they would look like came to me, I quickly realized that there wasn't another deck of cards out there like the ones I was creating. The self-care services on the cards are ALL different services that I have used or are familiar with in terms of what we can do for our bodies. This services include such things as: workouts, massage, Emotion code, EFT tapping, Salt shots, rest, nature walks, Wellness scans, just to name a few. I have 47 self care services listed that our BODIES might be in need of on any given day. 😯

Sometimes there are days (like most days) that we "think" we know what our body needs, but in reality it might be something entirely different. THAT'S the best time to consult the oracles. They connect to your energy and SHOW you what your body is really in need of.

🙏 It's been incredible to witness the amazing way that they work. I'm so proud and thankful for this creation. The best part? YOU can grab a deck for $25! They are simple to use--just ask--What does my body need today for it's highest good? Shuffle the cards 3 times putting your energy and question into the deck, spread them out--then DRAW!

It'll always be the right card just for you! Hit me up if you'd love a Force Fitness Self-care Oracle card deck. I can ship right to you!

Love and hugs,





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