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Forcefit20 deal of the century!

Hey all! As you last day of teaching live Forcefit classes is over August 24, 2023--but the opportunity to take my classes still lives on.

👉🏽 If you LOVE my workouts and would like to have access to over 350 workouts (and that doesn't even include all the FB lives in the private Forcefit20 fb group!!) I am offering it to you for $9.99/month. Nothing else will change except there will be no more lives. Honestly, this is a deal of a lifetime. These classes include many modalities such as:

🔥Cardio workouts

🔥Strength workouts utilizing barbells, dumbbells, med balls, TRX bands and elastic bands

🔥 Foam rolling

🔥 Stretching

🔥 Core workouts utilizing a stablity ball

🔥 Breath workouts

🔥 Yoga workouts

🔥 Qigong workouts

This offer is open to ANYONE and EVERYONE who would like access to the workouts for a VERY great price, so please share--share--SHARE!!! The more the merrier! I'll still be present in the FB group. I like to see all the workouts everyone is doing!

Gain access right here:

Cheers to Forcefit20 and YOU!




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