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Getting your core on...

🤩It's amazing how much you use your core in every day activities.

How do you TRAIN the core for everyday activities?

Check out some of these quick tips:

1) BREATHE - into the belly. Don't shallow breathe, meaning stop your breath at your shoulders.

2) FOCUS - on consciously pulling your belly button to your spine while you're driving, sitting, walking or even doing the dishes. Just be conscious!

3) ENGAGE - the transverse abdominis. How? put your fingers on your hip bones and cough. That's the transverse. It runs horizontally across your belly from hip to hip.

👌Want to learn more? Check out my ABSOLUTIONS Core training program designed to help your get stronger, reduce back pain and enhance your posture!


Power strength gonna ROCK the house today! See you at 12:00 mst fb live in the forcefit20 group.



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